About Jim Stigman

Jim Stigman, his wife, and their seven children reside in the central Minnesota area where they are involved in their church and enjoy spending time together as a family and with friends. Jim’s previous wife, Katrina, died in 2005 after a five-year battle with breast cancer and he was remarried in 2008. Jim’s greatest passion is to see others discover that God does not only exist, but that He loves them intensely and personally. His own faith has sustained him through difficulties and uncertainty, which provides him with a platform to encourage and support others in their trials and challenges.Since remarrying in 2008, Jim Stigman and his wife, Stacy, have worked to blend a family and instill in their children the principles of hard work, determination, faith, and integrity. Jim believes strong families are the foundation to a strong church and nation, which underscores the importance of his role as husband and father. He enjoys encouraging other fathers and engaging in conversations about faith, family, and multi-generational faithfulness.


Jim Stigman is a leader with progressive responsibility and success in inspiring others towards a vision, maximizing resources, encouraging and empowering others to be their best, and a commitment to draw on the strengths of others to reach common, mutually beneficial goals. Jim has a primary theme in his life: he keeps innovation high on the agenda, challenging others to create the exceptional. Whether he’s working with a couple, advising a business owner, raising support for a great cause, or leading a team (staff, volunteers, his family), Jim is passionate about producing the greatest results for those he serves.

Jim Stigman believes in fiscal responsibility, entrepreneurialism, and a free market economy. He believes in leading a purpose-centered life and being a good steward of his time, talent, and treasure. Jim concerns himself with being passionate and committed to his work and to his family. He believes in living his life with compassion and respect for others. Jim’s values factor into his commitment to assisting his clients. When working with clients, Jim upholds the idea of financial integrity and truth-based decision making and encouraging others to make financial decisions based on economics, not simply emotions. Jim follows the ideology of personal financial freedom and responsibility, which is why he dedicates his time to helping his clients organize their finances in order to live more abundant lives.

Jim Stigman’s unique ability is engaging others in a forward-thinking experience that fosters greater margin in all areas of their lives (financial, relational, emotional, spiritual). Jim simplifies the complex, demonstrates passion, builds confidence, instills clarity, listens intently, and motivates fully. He inspires action and change, improves results, and provides excellent experiences, all with the goal of making a positive difference in the lives of others.

To learn more about Jim’s role as a defined outcome planner, please visit www.jimstigman.net and www.jimstigman.com.