Are You Following These 5 Steps To Become An Expert In Your Field?

If your goal is to rise to the top of your field, to become a bona fide industry expert, then you’ve already got the drive and motivation. That’s half the battle. But the other half is actually reaching that goal, and that is where many people fall short. Success is not determined by desire, it is determined by doing.

As with any journey, the path to expertise begins with a single step. And like all journeys, this step needs to be made with care and control. To help get your journey started in the right direction, follow these 5 steps. These can help everyone but especially those who already have the drive and passion for success. You know you have the capacity, now you just need to execute.

Follow these 5 critical steps:

Find Your Niche:

You’re smart, you’re driven, but you can’t please everyone all the time and you can’t become an expert by spreading yourself too thin. Find a niche, something that you can specialize in, and become the go-to person for that task. Make it known that you have been working towards mastering that specialty. Search out opportunities to build a community and network with others in that particular subset of your field. Attend a conference. Build a client base around that specialization and you’ll find your popularity and authority begin to skyrocket.

This axiom persists in every field!

This axiom persists in every field!


Start to visualize yourself as an educator, not just an entrepreneur. This will not only help to inform those you communicate with, it will help you continue to learn. Studies show that you learn more teaching others than you do reading, listening to, or watching others. So, get out there and teach!  As long as your information is solid, your customers and peers will begin to see you as a teacher and advisor, a position deserving respect and authority.

Brand Building:

Think of yourself as a brand. If you have lots of publications and marketing to back up your expertise, people will be more likely to take you seriously. At the very least, you should be cognizant of your online reputation on the web. But take that further and try to market yourself, write articles, and be your own biggest supporter.

Write, Write, Write:

Whether its articles, a book, or any other type of publication, take the power of the written word seriously. When people see your name in print, they immediately attribute a higher level of authority to you. Ensure that anything you write is well-researched, interesting, and unique to get the best results possible.

Get Heard:

Try to build on your hard work by securing interviews, speeches, or appearances in other types of media. Even if its just a podcast or small website feature, your appearance will begin to spread your image as an authority and expert in your field. Participating on a panel or speaking in public is another great way to get yourself heard in front of audiences that matter.